The Queen Mary: Long Beach’s Seaside Attraction Is A One-Of-A-Kind Experience

This beautiful ocean liner spent 30 years at sea before docking in Long Beach. And now, it’s a historic hotel with elegant art deco staterooms, tours and events that’ll absolutely mesmerize you.

Want to live royally? Then you should book a stay and climb aboard The Queen Mary in Long Beach, California ASAP. This seaside attraction — an ocean liner that spent 30 years at sea and is now permanently docked in Orange County — will exceed your expectations in every way imaginable. From the art deco staterooms to the fine-dining experiences to the various tours and exhibits, every aspect of The Queen Mary is mesmerizing. We were actually given the truly extraordinary experience of staying aboard The Queen Mary, and when our stay came to an end, we didn’t want to leave.

Immediately upon boarding, we were greeted by the super friendly staff who showed us to our stateroom (the ship has 347 total, including 9 suites), and we were blown away by how authentic the room was. Then, we enjoyed a few delicious cocktails at the Observation Bar before heading over to the world-class Sir Winston’s for a 5-star dinner. And we say the food was immaculate, we truly mean it. Also — not only do they pull your chairs out for you, but they also lay your napkins on your lap before being served. Those moments were unexpected, but they were two that we remembered long after our stay came to a close. And to be honest, it’s the special touches like that that make The Queen Mary experience truly unique.

Later, we took in the sights during a walk along the deck as the sun was setting. And once it became dark, we took advantage of one of The Queen Mary’s many exciting tours. For us, we were most interested in the Paranormal Ship Walk, since we have a love for the paranormal. So we took advantage of the opportunity to learn about The Queen Mary’s exciting history, while also exploring all of the reportedly haunted locations within the ocean liner. After all, there were over 50 deaths on the ship during its time at sea, so if you like being scared, this might be the tour for you!

Finally, after a peaceful night’s sleep, we finished our one-night stay with the Royal Sunday Brunch — a local favorite. We were told that some people even drive 2-3 hours to attend the brunch on a weekly basis! It’s that good. The brunch “takes you on a worldwide culinary adventure and features over 50 unique dishes from around the globe.” Watch this Travel Channel feature on our Royal Sunday Brunch. And don’t miss this slide show where Conde Nast Traveler names The Queen Mary’s Royal Sunday Brunch the No. 1 hotel brunch in the world!

All in all, our stay was absolutely superb and we’d go back in a heartbeat. So if you haven’t experienced The Queen Mary just yet, please do yourself a favor and book a stay as soon as possible! You most definitely won’t regret it.


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