#BillsMafia? #RaiderNation? Ranking every NFL team’s Twitter hashtag from worst to best

But, man, do I love logos – especially when I can work them into tweets featuring one of my NFL features or as part of a game I’m covering or watching. So I dig it when Twitter allows me to use hashtags that are associated with NFL team logo emojis while also permitting seamless entry into conversations surrounding a given team …© Reinhold Matay, USA TODAY Sports Jacksonville Jaguars fans cheer during the second half against the Indianapolis Colts at TIAA Bank Field.

… except when you can’t for the life of you figure out what a club’s specific hashtag actually is.

I was watching Week 2’s Bengals-Browns matchup with interest, grateful for the opportunity to focus on the progress of Cincinnati rookie quarterback Joe Burrow while checking out how Cleveland looked under first-time head coach Kevin Stefanski.

At some point, I wanted to tweet an observation about Burrow and include the Bengals hashtag … so I tried #Bengals. Fail. #CincinnatiBengals. Fail. #GoBengals. Fail. Nate, you dummy, it’s obviously #WhoDey. Except it isn’t. 

So what hashtag actually incorporates the Bengals logo you’re wondering? Answer: #SeizeTheDEY.


That’s the best we can do? Does this somehow pass as intuitive for a guy who likes to think he knows the league pretty well? Does anyone in Cincinnati even say this? (And should I have been surprised or outraged? Probably not. After all, the Buccaneers hashtag used to be #SeigeTheDay. Barf.)

Naturally, this got me thinking – in my most social media-friendly mindset – that I should unearth all 32 NFL hashtags associated with club logos and rank them (worst to best, of course) by my approval rating.

#PleaseEnjoy and don’t #CancelNateDavis.

32. #FTTB (San Francisco 49ers): Huh? I realize putting a hashtag in front of “49” is problematic, but what was wrong with #GoNiners? Or #Niners? Or even #Faithful? Full transparency, I had to look up FTTB. It means “Faithful to the Bay” … even though Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium is roughly 50 miles from San Francisco and not contiguous to the bay or any body of water. So maybe #FTSC: Faithful to Silicon Valley?

31. #SeizeTheDEY (Cincinnati Bengals): Any of my aforementioned suggestions are infinitely superior, Mr. Brown – and I know you’re glued to your feed about now.

30. #TogetherBlue (New York Giants): It used to be #GiantsPridebut, in fairness, Giants fans are more likely to be blue together this season than feeling much pride.

29. #WeAreTexans (Houston Texans): Stop trying to be Penn State West.

28. #TakeFlight (New York Jets): Pfft. In your dreams, fellas. Also, can I please get a #GangGreen or #NYJ so you’re at least on brand?

27. #RedSea (Arizona Cardinals): Groan. Also, it’s been far too easy to part this alleged Red Sea in recent years.

26. #WashingtonFootball: I know a lot of Washington fans, and #WFT would have been a nice bookend to the #WTFs they so commonly utter.

25. #ForTheShoe (Indianapolis Colts): As team slogans go, this skews to the corny side of the spectrum – especially when #Colts was available last year.

24. #RamsHouse (Los Angeles Rams): Their new SoFi Stadium house looks very cool, and at least I’ll get to the logo by starting with a #Rams hashtag. Of course, I’m hardly enamored with this new insignia or hashtag, which replaces #LARams.

23. #FinsUp (Miami Dolphins): Has the benefit of being advice since a collapsed dorsal fin seems to be bad news for aquatic mammals. But #Fins is perfectly sufficient.

22. #DUUUVAL (Jacksonville Jaguars): While I appreciate their county pride, I don’t want to keep track of the number of required U’s. (But I do enjoy the Jags using social media to determine their – ugly – uniform combinations.

21. #RavensFlock (Baltimore Ravens): Again, by typing “Ravens,” you’re gonna get to where you want to go – though I don’t need the “flock.” At least they didn’t go the Jacksonville route and adopt Ed Reed’s #Baltimooooooooooooooooore.

20. #BoltUp (Los Angeles Chargers): Meh. #GoBolts is taken by the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning – fair since that’s a better team. I also don’t like that #BoltUp provides what looks like a Harry Potter lightning emoji instead of the Chargers’ traditional thunderbolt.

19. #GoBucs (Tampa Bay Buccaneers): This is to #SeigeTheDay what Tom Brady is to Jameis Winston.

18. #GoPats (New England Patriots): Muscle memory will likely lead me here next time I tweet about Brady. Any way we can incorporate Cam Newton’s preferred ŠØČÏÄŁ MĒD1Ä FØÑT here?

17. #BroncosCountry (Denver Broncos): As far as AFC West tribalism goes, I think I’d rather identify with a kingdom or nation.

16. #Titans: Much prefer this Tennessee tag to #TitanUp, which … what does that even mean?

15. #RiseUpATL (Atlanta Falcons): Maybe not obvious to many, but the Falcons have used “Rise Up” as part of their branding and community efforts for years. Not sure I need the ATL tacked onto it, but I’ll take it over #InBrotherhood – nice as Coach Quinn’s notion of togetherness is.

14. #Saints: Self-explanatory is just fine for New Orleans, though #WhoDat would’ve been cooler.

13. #Browns: Self-explanatory is just fine for Cleveland, though #DawgPound would’ve been cooler.

12. #ChiefsKingdom (Kansas City Chiefs): America’s champs.

11. #DallasCowboys: America’s tag – often used 1000 times an hour even in the middle of the week.

10. #OnePride (Detroit Lions): Personal bias here from a U2 superfan since this hashtag features two of the band’s greatest songs (admittedly, I saw somebody else riff on this once). Otherwise, I’d understand if most of you could do With or Without it.

9. #FlyEaglesFly (Philadelphia Eagles): It references the team’s hokey fight song, but Philly fans love to sing it in unison.

8. #KeepPounding (Carolina Panthers): It’s a rallying cry the club adopted in honor of former linebacker and assistant coach Sam Mills, who died of cancer in 2005. Fans typically beat a large “Keep Pounding” drum prior to home games. The phrase is also emblazoned inside the collar of Panthers jerseys.

7. #HereWeGo (Pittsburgh Steelers): The signature cry that reverberates through Heinz Field. Solid.

6. #GoPackGo (Green Bay Packers): The signature cry that reverberates through Lambeau Field. Solid.

5. #Seahawks: Simple. And cool that it depicts Seattle’s beloved 12th Man logo instead of using the standard ‘Hawks emblem.

4. #DaBears (Chicago Bears): Thank you, “Saturday Night Live” and Bill Swerski’s Superfans. It’s good to see the internet and, yes, Twitter keeping you alive.

3. #Skol (Minnesota Vikings): Such sweet symbiosis between Norse culture and the team’s battle cry, which produces one of the coolest pre-game images in the league when Vikes fans are clapping in unison while chanting “Skol!” full throat

2. #BillsMafia (Buffalo Bills): I hate fighting with these delusion fans, who all seem to think the Bills are, at minimum, a top-five team in my power rankings. But, hey, love the loyalty and enthusiasm … and especially admire the whole “Bills Mafia” ideology.

1. #RaiderNation (Las Vegas Raiders): Every fan base seemingly wants to lay claim to a “Nation” – Nationals Nation? ugh – but it truly applies to this itinerant franchise and its uniquely fervent support group.

Source: USA Today


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